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Host Family Responsibilities

Daily Transportation Information   Provides daily transportation for students (schedule below as example)

Students must be transported by car to and from school each day (schedule as below).

  • 7/23      6pm – pick up students at ___________.
  • 7/27 - 7/28 (tue – sat) 9am drop students off at Museum of flight - 9404 East Marginal Way South  Seattle, WA 98108 / Pick students up at 6pm at __________.
  • 7/29       2pm  Drop students off at Camp Fire.  Please arrive on time.  Direction to Camp:

The camp entrance is across the road from Wenberg County Park.  Take the Wenberg/Smokey Point Exit #206 from Interstate 5, north of Marysville.  Go west on Highway #531 (Lakewood Road) for 2.2 miles to a stop sign.  Turn right and continue 3.5 miles (still on #531/Lakewood Road).  Turn left onto E. Lake Goodwin Road and continue 1.5 miles; Wenberg is on the right, and the Killoqua entrance is on the left.  Our staff will meet you in the camp parking lot.


Meal Accommodations

Students must receive three well balanced meals each day, including breakfast and a packed lunch on school days, and easy access to snacks. Breakfast and lunch may be self-serve from food put out by the family, but dinners must be together with the family in the evening.

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